Join UKBR22

Annual Membership fees are £15.00 (Overseas €18 or $22 approximately) due April of each year, if membership is taken up half way through the year Fee will be £7.50 (Overseas € 10 or $12).

These membership fees are fully inclusive of any of our postal competitions, we do not charge for entry to any of the Classes no matter how many you wish to shoot. To compete in the Postal Competitions you need to give us the entry details for each Class you intend to shoot, entry form can be downloaded form the link below. UK entrants will be sent stickers to be placed on the targets before they are shot, please ensure all targets have your name and Class marked clearly on them.

It should be noted the UKBR22 is a ASSOCIATION of like minded shooters and not a Home Office Approved Club, therefore membership may not be used for the acquisition or retention of a Firearms Certificate/ licence.

Please download the application form as a pdf file, fill in and e-mail as an attachment to UKBR22 on the e-mail address supplied on membership form.  The form can be downloaded from the bottom of the News & Updates page.

Note - All information given on this Membership Form is held Confidentially and will not be passed onto any other individual or organisation, names only will be used on the Web Page set against monthly scores.

Renewal of membership fees via Paypal.

Please read the following carefully and use the option which applies to you. If your payment is short, we will not accept your membership as being renewed.

1) A UK Member, paying from a Paypal account linked to a bank account. £15-00.

2) A UK Member paying from a Paypal Account linked to a Credit Card. £15-75.

3) A Non-UK Member Paying from overseas. £15-95.

Alternatively, you can make a payment, as if to a friend/family member and accept the charges at your end, in which case you only need to pay £15-00, wherever you are paying from.

As long as we get the correct amount the method you choose is up to you.

Please add details of who is making the payment in the notes, including any additional names if the payment is to cover more than one person, so we know who has joined.

The email address for the above method of payment is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.