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The UKBR22 aims to promote, encourage, facilitate and develop the sport of air rifle and rimfire benchrest shooting both within the UK and worldwide. Equal opportunity membership of the association is open to anyone interested in the sport regardless of age, sex, disability, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

These aims will be met through the provision of a bi-annual postal league, open to all members and considered to be the bedrock of the association. Further, to encourage, arrange and assist in the participation of “head to head” competitions both within the UK and overseas, subject to those competitions meeting the criteria of the UKBR22 committee and with due regard to legislation and regulations. The association will provide an annual UK National Championships, the location of which will vary from year to year, but for the most part will take place in the July/August holiday period.

To introduce our selves we are the United Kingdom Association of Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting (UKBR22). By that we mean “True Benchrest Shooting”. The Association is recognised by rimfire shooters across the UK as the representative body that promotes air rifle and rimfire benchrest across the country and with partners in other countries.

This is not a new sport, in the USA there are nearly 3000 shooters and on average 150 to 200 per match each weekend. In Europe, Italy alone has over 700 shooters, and Rimfire Benchrest is also big in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The sport is growing rapidly in Ireland with 45 shooters on average travelling to each match per month.

We, the UKBR22, are relatively new. We started early in 2004, working with a number of partners in Europe, Africa, Australia and the US. All Members have found it a very addictive sport once tried; we have 170+ Members so far and this number is still rising. Primarily our matches are postal so there is no travelling expense as you use your own club facilities. On average we receive 140 match scores each month. We run a summer, 1st May to end of September, and winter season, 1st November to end of March.

The 50M Target has a ten ring that measures 6.5mm in diameter. Each scoring target, 25 in all, has a scoring zone from 10 to 5, the overall size being 39mm in diameter, these are set within a 52mm by 52mm box, any shot outside those constraints scores zero. This is all shot at 50 meters where the shooter has to take into account wind, altitude, humidity, temperature and a time limit of 30 minutes including sighters, all of which have a drastic effect on accuracy. We also have 25 yard Benchrest with it’s own target. This has a 2mm 10 ring, not to make it to easy, and can be shot indoors in 20 minutes or out doors in 30 minutes. Although we are primarily Benchrest we have members whose facilities do not allow this and so shoot Prone with great success. To find out more about targets and the competitions visit our pages using the website navigation.

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