The main aim of UKBR22 is to provide a Benchrest score-shooting format to be enjoyed by the widest spectrum of Rimfire and Air Rifle shooters from both the Target and Sporting disciplines. Opportunities to compete will be provided for everyone from novice to expert, from Match Rifle to light Sporting gun in the specified Classes. As well as the able bodied, this is an ideal sport for those that find that prone target shooting is now difficult for various reasons. The sport as a whole is also ideal for disabled shooters and they are very welcome.

There is a small annual Fee to join UKBR22, but it is primarily an Association of Rimfire and Air Rifle Shooters run by the shooters themselves. Participants are required to be a member the organisation in order to compete in a UKBR22 competition, other than they must hold a Firearms Licence, as applicable, and be a Member of a Shooting Club that is HO approved, holding current Insurance for the weapons to be used.

An ideal sport for both able bodied and disabled

The Match Director has the right to deny the opportunity to shoot or compete within UKBR22 to any person who they feel do not comply with the above, is incapable of safely completing the match, or to any person who violates Safety or Sportsmanship rules. The UKBR22 Match Directors decision is final. There are no rights to appeal. All Range / Club rules to be read and complied with before shooting, and are mandatory.

The Rules of competition will follow the basic Benchrest Regulations using the UKBR22 target format. These are also to suit the Benchrest shooter where facilities are not that advanced; 25 yard distance indoor; and 25 yard distance outdoor as well as the main 50 meter competitions. Specific targets will be provided to cover all eventualities/ requirements of individuals or Clubs. Most common UKBR22 Matches are Postal and divided into Summer (1st May to end of September) and Winter Leagues (1st November to end of March).