Yes very! There are many scope rings on the market from the very expensive to the cheap and nasty, from quality steel to pressed aluminum. It is always best to purchase steel rings either single or double screw. I think the single screw ones are best and I always go for the “Hillver” rings manufactured by B-square (Texas) and supplied in the UK by Their range is extensive and the design very good, they also produce a set especially to fit the Anschutz where the top of the dovetail is rounded, quite a few ring sets will not fit as they are made for flat topped dovetails. Hillver also do rings for other rifles. The design is similar to the Leupold rings but less expensive. What ever rings you decide on they must be set up properly or the tube can be damaged. You will need a 25mm or 30mm rod, depending on tube diameter, when the rings are fitted to the rifle place this rod in the rings to make sure they are in line with axis of the barrel. Adjust as necessary and even use some wet and dry to rub down the rings inside so the alignment is correct. The slightest fault with the mounts not forming a good complete ring around the scope body will cause problems at 50M.