How long is a piece of string? The short answer is anything from around £1,200.00 up to several thousand, it really depends upon how far you want to go. If you start off with a cheap front rest and rear bag, purchase an old prone rifle and pick up a half descent second hand scope, you should be underway for £1,200 or less. If you fall for it and start competing in competitions around Europe and the world you will need to be competitive, this lead to needing to spend a lot of money. Top end front rest £900.00, rear bags and sand can set you back £250.00 or more, the best scopes between £2,000.00 and £2,500.00, custom built rifle, in excess of £4,000.00, carry case around £350.00 then you can expect to be shooting £2,000.00 + of ammunition per year.

NO, is the answer to the next question, “Do you get help or funding to travel abroad and represent our country”? Sadly all trips abroad are self-funding (guess we should have picked a more socially acceptable sport!!)