Now that’s a question and a half. This all down to preference and what you trust to be accurate in your rifle. We always try to provide members information on what other shooter use in the way of ammunition, these details are shown on the Score Sheets sent out with the News Letters. As we have many shooters from the UK, Europe, Ireland and the US the choice and what shooters use is very wide. In the UK Eley Tennex or Match EPS is most popular, Lapua is good but has lost it’s edge recently but I hear if you can get the right batch number it is very good. Some members in the UK are using the SK range with good results. In Europe the members use Eley but also have success with RWS R50 and R100, Fiocchi SM 320. In the US most shooters either use the Eley Tennex or Match EPS with a brigade of Lapua followers. There is also success with Wolf which is now available in the UK at selected outlets.

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