There are so many rimfire rifles out there it’s impossible to suggest any as being the best. Firstly you should choose which Class you would like to shoot in, this clarifies the maximum weight. The Sorter Class also has to be magazine fed. As an indication of weights: Anschutz 1451 – 6.3lbs; Anschutz 64MPR – 9lbs; Anschutz 1903 – 10.1lbs; Anschutz 54 match – 14.3lbs; Anschutz 1700 Sporter series – 7.3 to 8lbs; Ruger 10/22 – 5lbs; Ruger 10/22 Target – 7.5lbs; Ruger 77/22 – 6lbs; Ruger 77/22 Target – 7lbs, all CZ’s are about the same weight as the Rugers. These rifles will have to include the weight of the scope which can be as much as 24oz but generally around 17oz. If you ever manage to get hold of an Anschutz BR50 then this would be very near perfect, unfortunately Anschutz have stopped making this range. It’s made specifically for Benchrest, has a 19.5” barrel, special stock and weighs in at 10.3lbs without a scope. However, some alteration or weight reduction would need to be made to get into the 10.5 pound class, as most scopes will weigh in at 1.5 pounds. Generally all other target Anschutz, Martini’s rifles etc. will give good results as they are all very accurate but limited to the Unlimited Class due to the weight being about 14 to 15lbs with scope and all the bits and bobs.