Look here to find an up to date gallery of the latest, and possibly the most common equipment used in Rimfire Benchrest competitions. We will endeavor to bring to you the latest competition rifles, scopes, gadgets and equipment for you to view and possibly select for your own use. Remember though, you only need the basics to start. Spending thousands of pounds does not necessarily guarantee a maximum score! If any of our patrons feels something is missing, please contact the webmaster via the contact links. If any manufacturer wishes to submit a product please contact us in the same way.


There are a variety of types of .22LR ammunition that can be used for rimfire benchrest. The most widely used are noted here. A good webpage to look at for rimfire ammunition testing  ( CLICK HERE )


There are a multitude of accessories available to the rimfire BR shooter.

Most, we hope, are listed here. (CLICK HERE)

Bags and Front Rests

The most popular bags and rests are listed. Some are harder to get than others, depending on the country you are living in. Do think about what you need, as these items are expensive.

For further information and data. (CLICK HERE )

Rifles, Actions, Stocks and Triggers

The rifle, whether bought as ‘an out of the box’ or custom version, will be the most expensive bit of kit that you will buy for rimfire benchrest.

We have supplied information here for most, with custom parts and whole rifles (CLICK HERE). All products on the market have not been mentioned and if anyone feels somethingis missing, contact the UKBR22 webmaster via the contacts page.

Rifle Scopes

Scopes are the most expensive things you will spend money on, after your rifle. The selection below is not the end of it. as new scopes coming from the Far East are getting better in quality, so do look around. As I do not want to re-invent the wheel, the following website has extensive reviews & information about rifle scopes. Do have a look, as the web article is a good read; For further information and data. For more scopes i have put a link to some other manufactures click on for further information

Bushnell    Hawke    Leupold    Nikon    Weaver    Tasco    Nikko