It was August 2009 when I first met John on my way back from the UKBR22 Nationals. A quick meeting to discuss RWS R50 ammunition and get some to try.

John was, then and throughout the coming years, forthcoming with information and helpful tips. Over the years I watched John help many youngsters with not only hints and tips but also loaning them his equipment and rifles to allow them to take part in our sport.

John was one of the very first people to join the UKBR22 when it started and remained a staunch member to the end. He represented the UK and UKBR22 at the first world championship, and went on to been seen at many events around the world. I know that John had friends from the USA to Australia, who I am sure will miss him very much.

I have had the pleasure of shooting with John at some of these events around the world and at home. I am pleased to say that I took the photograph of John sitting on the bomb outside the museum in Arnhem, the one he used on his Facebook page. That was John, always having fun.

The UKBR22, and benchrest as a collective in the UK, will be a poorer place without his unique way of doing things and enjoying every minute of it.

The committee of the UKBR22 would like to extend its deepest sympathies to John’s family and loved ones who have been left without a husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Rest in Peace John.

Colin Rose
UKBR22 Chairman.
For and on behalf of the UKBR22 committee and its members.