Preliminary Invitations to this event are now open as of 21st October 2023.

The event is to take place near Valencia Spain, from the 8th to the 14th of September 2024.

The usual format is a couple of days of formal practice followed by the two competitions.

The two competitions are each of two days duration with three cards per day.

The first is a team event for teams of three, followed by an individual two-day competition. Again three cards per day.

The UK can send up to three teams of three competitors, plus a reserve and all can shoot in the individual competition.

I have commitments from several shooters already, but if anyone is interested in taking part in this event then I will need a commitment from them as soon as possible.

The return will need to be back with the organisers as quickly as possible, so they can plan for the numbers involved.

Once I have numbers for the UK I will look into possible accommodations and travel arrangements for those attending.

If you are interested, then please contact me. My email address is as follows:- and my mobile number is:- 07974 439526.

Regards to all,

Carl Hanson.